Rori's corner
22. February 2023 10:46
JD competition

Hello my lovelies,


I bet you thought that I forgot our Rori's Tuesday Talk, but in the part of the world where I am at the moment, it is still Tuesday.  


The moment you have all been eagerly waiting has arrived. More info about Junior Designer position. 


We will start competition next week. You will be able to submit your designs and then we will have semi-finals and finals. Once we announce the start of the competition, there will also be information about how long it will be live for and what are the deadlines. This post is just to give you an update on the JD's and some more general info about what to expect so you can start thinking about the designs.


This time around, we won't be using goSupermodel designer tool but you can draw in whichever tool and whichever app you prefer as long as the items are in right size and right resolution. The size is 140x300 pixels and all items need to be saved with transparent background.


Once when the competition starts you will have to submit 3 styles, romantic goth, street style and your take on the space suit, the best would be to upload them all as one image. Being a Junior Designer means that there will constantly be all sort of themes that we will be working together on so we want to make sure that we can see a range in the submitted designs. 


Please make sure that you don't copy some of the items from the real world or something you made for another game. It is ok to be inspired by but we still want it to have original goSupermodel vibe to it.


We will issue some more guidelines on the day the competition starts but for now please keep in mind that even though the items can be a bit more daring than they used to be, they should never be in poor taste and revealing too much or doing so in a tasteless way. 


Junior Designers will get their icon and also rewards in goMoney and their own items. Everyone will have an equal chance regardless if someone used to be a Junior Designer or not. 


And now about the latest shop update that went live yesterday. It was a massive shop update, so some of the items will leave the store to make room for new ones and some will stay there for a longer period of time. Keep your eyes open for Last Chance ribbon. I will also give you heads up before the items are to leave the shop.