goSupermodel Strategy
14. May 2024 12:00

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Hi goSupermodels!


We started working on a new thing this year behind the scenes, our goSupermodel Strategy plan for the years 2024 and 2025! We would like to introduce to you all to our vision, mission, and the six strategic targets.



Our vision is to reclaim the position as the number one online fashion community platform we were from 2007 to 2016. Our focus is on creating a vibrant online community where young adults feel empowered, inclusivity is celebrated, creativity thrives, positive connections flourish and fashion takes centre stage.



Our mission is to provide a safe and engaging platform that nurtures individuality and positive interactions. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive online space where users can express themselves authentically, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to a community that values creativity, inclusivity, and the celebration of diverse perspectives.


Our six strategy targets are highlighted on the picture above: User Experience, User Acquisition, Monetisation, Inclusivity & Diversity, Happy Userbase and Tech, Security & Optimised Workflows


Every target has a number of projects different people internally work on, all of which are put into different quarters over the next two years. This can vary from a project visible on site, such as games, security or visuals, to projects to optimise internal workflows, or something entirely different. What these projects all have in common is to improve the goSupermodel experience and ensure we continue to grow together.

Internal changes

In order to keep track of the strategy projects, we have made some internal role changes. For the last couple of months, Aysira (no public presence), has shifted from Focus Group Team Captain to a role called Organisational & Strategic Project Lead. This role ensures that everyone is kept on track when it comes to strategy planning, as well as streamlining, improving, and updating the internal processes we work with daily. The Focus Group in turn, after a rework of their hubs, has SWM as Team Captain for the User Response Hub, and Showtime as Team Captain for the Event Hub.

Fashion Focused

We are shifting our strategy to prioritise global fashion. This means we will focus on highlighting fashion diversity worldwide rather than only centering on specific cultural or national events in the capacity we currently do. We think that by making fashion the centrepiece of our strategy, we are able to integrate inclusivity and diversity as an integral part of our regular schedule, expanding it beyond certain months or days of the year.

It does not mean that we would not acknowledge national events or awareness months entirely. We aim to focus on the broader strategy, ensuring that all campaigns are accessible for everyone and that highlighting global fashion as the centrepiece, remains our priority.

Things that we are currently working on.

In June, we will launch our Pride campaign, followed by the Summer Party Tour, showcasing fashion from around the globe. We launched The Asian Fashion Spotlight Project, which will launch shop drops throughout the year, yesterday with the first collection inspired by designers from Vietnam, India, and Taiwan. It is our ongoing mission to be the platform where everyone feels empowered to express themselves and have the possibility to show their authentic self through fashion.

We will update you on the strategy projects every new quarter (January, April, July, and October). This will include some of the different strategy projects, what we have done in the previous quarter, and what to look forward to in the upcoming quarter. Some projects we are now working on, for example, are customisable features, modernising the forum categories, changing internal tools to make work for the volunteers and us easier and faster (so we have more time for the projects!), and more.

The next update is around the first of July, see you then!

We thank you for reading our goSuperStrategy plan, and we hope to grow with you




  • goSupermodel Strategy projects have taken off.

  • The six targets are User Experience, User Acquisition, Monetisation, Inclusivity & Diversity, Happy Userbase, and Tech, Security & Optimised Workflows.

  • Our vision is to reclaim the position as the number one online fashion community platform.
  • Our focus is on creating an empowering, inclusive, creative, positive and fashionable platform.

  • Our mission is to create a safe and engaging platform.

  • Shifting our focus to highlight fashion diversity worldwide, integrating inclusivity and diversity as part of our schedule, rather than limiting it to a certain month or day of the year.

  • A new update every quarter.