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13. May 2024 19:30
Inspired by Asian Fashion

Asia is home to some of the best fashion capitals of the world, and with The Asia Fashion Project, we plan to highlight Asian fashion on a recurring basis!

Through this project, we aim to bring you new collections celebrating fashion from various countries in Asia, throughout all of 2024. In honor of May being Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we bring you the first installment of The Asia Fashion Project.

Our first collection consists of three looks, inspired by fashion or fashion designers from Vietnam (look by Mikah), India (by StarShine) and Taiwan (by lisu).

A friendly reminder to all: When you wear any cultural attire, it's important to do so respectfully. Understand its importance and wear it with care!


Indian lehenga inspired by the works of queer designer Param Sahib

The look that StarShine created is inspired by the works of queer designer Param Sahib. Fashion is always about self-expression, and Param Sahib and his designs highlight both inclusivity and self-love. In his style, he focuses on unusual color combinations, textures and patterns. Our gD StarShine created a beautiful outfit that blends the traditional lehenga, with Param Sahib’s modern touch. 

In India, a lehenga is a traditional outfit that is worn by women on special occasions, such as weddings, festivals or parties. The lehenga isn't just pretty clothes; it's also a symbol of tradition and family. It's passed down from mothers to daughters, carrying stories and memories with it. 

Vietnam: Inspired by Tran An Vi

goDesigner Mikah has created a look inspired by trans fashion designer Tran An Vi from Vietnam. Quite new to the fashion scene, she was discovered after her outfits were being worn by Vietnamese celebrities such as Hoang Thuy Linh and Ly Nha Ky in 2022. Mikah has created an outfit inspired by her amazing fashion style, but before you run to the shop to get it, please read the story here about how she realized her dream. 


Taiwan: Inspired by Tzu Chin Shen

The outfit that our goDesigner lisu has made is inspired by a look from designer Tzu Chin Shen that debuted during Taipei Fashion Week last week. She is named one of the six emerging designers from Asia when she co-founded Seivson, and has had her creations featured at New York Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week. 

The new outfits are in the shop until Friday, May 31st end of day. Please be aware that both the make-ups and hairstyles will stay in the shop permanently.



The goSupermodel Team