gSm Insider W15
15. April 2024 16:00
gSm Insider W15

Hi goSupermodels!


We have an exciting update for you about Backstage Rush multiplayer. We acknowledge the delay, and hope this teaser will make up for it a little bit.

Last Week's Happenings
  • We hope everyone who celebrated Eid had a fantastic day! 

  • We had an Eid shop drop, with items by gDs theAmanda and SvettigKaktus.

  • The winners of the JD competition have been announced! A total of 8 new JDs and 5 winners of the Guest Designer collections were revealed. Thank you so much to all who participated, the designs were truly out of this world.

  • We had a spring shop drop, with items by JDs and gDs ano, Mayu, Omashu, _melisa, and MissAuris. This collection is still in the shop and will be available until the end of the day on the 18th. 

  • New gorgeous spring backgrounds by FG member Falco.

What’s on this week?

The winners from the goCurate Cottagecore moodboard competition will see their outfits in the shop this week! A shop update you definitely don’t want to miss.


Look of the Week

Speaking of cottagecore, it is this week’s SMA Look of the Week theme! Be sure to check it out here.


Development Update

Backstage Rush Multiplayer continues to progress nicely, though we have had to make a few changes from the original game, as shown in this new video from the developers. Meanwhile, we continue to work on QoL changes, bugfixes, and a few small but new features for you to enjoy in the near future!



We hope you have a sunny week ahead!

With love,