gSm Insider W14
8. April 2024 15:00
gSm Insider W14

Hi goSupermodels!

We had fun last week pulling a prank on everyone on April Fools Day. We hope you had fun with it too. Did you know there’s a full solar eclipse today, with a partial eclipse being visible in all of North America, and a small bit of western Europe? For those lucky enough to be able to see it; please, wear proper eye protection! And enjoy the spectacle.

Last Week's Happenings
  • We had a 70s shop update that is leaving the shop today! Last chance to get these items!

  • theAmanda and Svettigkaktus have made the switch to be goDesigners! Congratulations!

  • We had a goSpecial featuring the romantic goth look from Maze over the weekend, and today, the romantic goth look from Starshine will be auctioned!

  • The JD competition deadline was this Friday. We will find out who our new Junior Designers are this Thursday! How exciting! Everyone’s designs are absolutely gorgeous.

What’s on this week?
  • Join this week’s SMA’s Look of the Week with the theme “Art Nouveau Wedding”. Check it out here.


We have a few exciting development related updates and stats from Q1 of this year!

  • We reduced the price of look suggestions from 100 to 20 goMoney.

  • We have released a staff page, which shows which role is responsible for what. You can get here by clicking on a staff or admin badge.

  • Some bug fixes, more information posted here.

  • Added search filters in goMessages.


For some fun statistics, these items below are the items most bought and most wishlisted in the first three months of this year. 



We hope you have a wonderful week.

With love,