gSm Insider W10
11. March 2024 13:30
gSm Insider W10

Hi goSupermodels!


We’ve had a week of fantastic shop drops, updates, new competitions and much more to come! Have you started on your Junior Designer competition design yet?

Last Week's Happenings
  • We celebrated International Women’s Day with a shop drop in collaboration with FG and IG.

  • We updated our security, with more to come. Next on the list: hiding content for users that are not logged in. We are still discussing details of this.

  • The Junior Designer competition has started. JD/gD’s and their Team Captain Spigg have put together this document with all the information about the technical side of designing.

  • We had a JD weekend by the amazing Mikah.

  • There was an archive shop drop with many wanted items.

What's on this week?


Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims around the world! Focus Group member Chizumi, with the help of our Inclusivity Group, has created an amazing topbar and background for goSupermodel that is live since midnight today. 

Read more about Ramadan here!


Throughout Ramadan, there will be competitions and shop updates. Please stay tuned as there is more to come!



Join our newest competition where you help us curate one of our upcoming shop updates. It's an opportunity to get your take on Cottagecore in the game!



Take a look at this amazing new competition by our Focus Group. Gather two friends and create your own fairy team to be able to win a gorgeous outfit by Mikah!


From the SMA's

Hi, we are excited to announce our new competition "Challenge Accepted" The competition will be hosted by Bambi, Gigigiomy and !StephanySteffie!. It will be held monthly in addition to Look of The Week and Look of The Month. Keep an eye out on goSupermodel's official Instagram account as more information will be posted there today. <3


That brings us to the weekly SMA Look of the Week, with this week’s theme being 70s Flower Power. Check it out here!


We wish you the best possible week, and to make it even better… Here's a little friend in a bag


With love,