JD weekend
9. March 2024 17:10
JD weekend by Mikah

Today we have a special surprise for you, a JD weekend shop drop by our amazing JD Mikah. We love the edgy vibes this collection has and are so excited to see how you style it. Huge thanks to JD Mikah for being part of our JD weekend series and for creating this stunning shop drop.


A word from the JD Mikah


hello everyone

it has been a while, but i am back as a junior designer, ready to provide you all with some cute clothing

for those who may not know, i am southeast asian (to be specific vietnamese) and i've had the opportunity to visit countries like vietnam, japan, south korea and singapore. i really was into asian fashion and still am honestly. while there is definitely some influence from those places in this collection, i mostly created what felt right at the time.

another funfact is that i am really obsessed with anything cute--cute colors, cute animals, cute plushies, i love it and i need to have it! that is why i will refer you to here so you can win my little fairy bunny that i am absolutely obsessed with! her name is fiona

besides that, describing my own style can be quite tricky; i am indecisive and enjoy changing my clothing style from time to time. however, i've managed to make some decisions for my designs, which resulted in this collection. i aimed for a relatively 'basic' but unique collection. my wish is that there is something for everyone here!

i hope you will all like it and let me know about your thoughts.


This special capsule collection will be available until the end of the day on Monday the 11th of March.


With love,