gSm Insider W9
4. March 2024 13:00
gSm Insider W9

Hi goSupermodels!

Is the sun shining yet? We are all holding on to every bit of sunshine just to combat the darkness from the past few months. Spring is coming! Eventually. 

Last Week’s Happenings
  • There was a permanent BHM shop update last week, with items made by Maze, theAmanda, and ano.

  • All natural skin colours are now permanently 10gm. 

  • The Campaign Team addressed BHM.

  • There is a Guest Designer collection by the amazing soccer mommy. The collection leaves the shop at the end of the day on the 5th, so make sure you don’t miss it!

  • The second mega volunteer goPack is live, curated by our volunteers, and created by victoria., aware, lisu, StarShine, ano, Mayu, Maze, Omashu, Petrikor, and theAmanda.


What’s on this week?
  • The VIP outfit for the month of March is Preppy by gD Martine. They will be given out in this order: Shoes - Dress - Cat - Hair. The fifth item will be given out as a bonus item to everyone who has VIP by the end of March.

  • We are in the process of recolouring wanted make-ups to fit every skin tone, however, we will not be recolouring old JD make-ups unless we have been given permission.

  • The JD search starts today! Read more about it on this topic.
  • Check out this week's SMA Fashionista's Attic Look of the Week. The theme is Fashion Week, make sure to enter!


Volunteer badge update:

From now on volunteers can only hold one badge at once, with the exception being existing double-badged volunteers, and Inclusivity Group members. We (unfortunately!) don’t have unlimited spots on our teams, and there are so many talented, amazing, and passionate users. We have drawn this line to ensure more people have a chance to volunteer.

If a volunteer wants to apply for another team, they are of course allowed to if there is a search. If that volunteer gets accepted into the other team, they would have to give up their former badge.


Roadmap update:

Backstage rush has been delayed on several occasions, both due to other priorities and unexpected complications with the modernisation of the code. With the learnings that we have gained from the implementation, we believe that this roadmap is a much more accurate estimation.



With love,