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This is a club meant for everyone who enjoys books in any capacity. If you like non-fiction, fiction, your study books or anything similar, and want to join a community to share your love of these things, then this is the place for you!

We aren't distinguishing between audiobooks, books, manga, comic or graphic novels, a book is a book, and you're welcome here to get any suggestions for any kind of book or discuss your favorite author or narrator. Everyone's welcome here!

We will try our best to keep the club active with weekly update threads on your reading adventures, sharing short stories, shared reading challenges and everything in between. You can of course also make your own threads and start your own discussions or share recommendations for anything relating to books, so please join us!


NOTE: If you got your application rejected please send a message to Babel or reapply. As a general rule we don't reject anyone, but the buttons look very similar, and Babel has fat fingers and bad eyesight so mistakes happen.



Like every good club we have a few rules we want our members to play by, to make this an environment for everyone. We of course hope this wont' be any trouble.

We have no rule of weekly activity in the group, but will strongly encourage our members to join in discussions and make their own to keep the club active.

The sitewide rules of course also still stand in this club, and you therefore have to respect others and use proper language. This also means that all communication has to be in English, but we will of course accept book titles in other languages if you're reading a non-English book.

Books are broad in subjects and themes, and therefore we also encourage our members to respect other people's potential triggers, if they mention those in a recommendation post. It is, however, not every members responsibility to make people aware of potential triggers, and we therefore strongly encourage people to look up potential trigger warnings themselves, if they find it necessary.

We also know authors can be controversial, and while it's not disallowed to discuss authors, we would strongly encourage our members to do so in a respectful tone to each other and most preferably keep the author discussions to be bookrelated, as that is the group's main focus.

Rules will be updated as needed, and we're open to potential critique, which can be shared in this thread.