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What is "Uniikkivyöry?"
"Uniikkivyöry" or "UV" means "Unique avalanche". Back in the day in Finnish GoSupermodel server on 1.0 there was a shop called Vintage. On Vintage you could sell items and on Finnish server people made this topic called "Uniikkivyöry" where people would sell or "avalanche" their items at the same time in the Vintage shop and that way so many people could buy new different items from each other, kinda like trading now, but that option didn't excist back then.


What is Vintage?
Vintage on Gosupermodel 1.0 was a place where models could sell their old clothes. When you sold your items you got back half of their original price of that item. Vintage shop was decommissioned in September 2011 with a reform that gave models the opportunity to sell clothes at their own prices directly from their Wardrobe to other models, now known as Auction. 


Uniikkivyöry in GoSupermodel 2.0:
Nowadays, because you can't "avalanche" Unique items in Vintage anymore this community is just about friendship and a lot of talk about Unique items. We sincerely welcome all new members and obviously all old members! You don't have to be Finnish to join our community. If you are very into Unique items on here you could fit this community very well!


-Be kind and respectful to others: no racism, no discrimination, no name-calling, no bullying
-No cheating, scamming or stealing of anyones money or items
-No missinfo about values of items into your advantage!
-If you notice someone breaking the rules please report them to moderator team and also let our club owner or our managers to know about it!
-Remember: English only!
-Of course, other common Gosupermodel rules apply here.


Feel free to join us and become a member of Uniikkivyöry Club! ♥