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Hi everyone, and welcome to my very first club!  
This is, as you might have guessed, a christmas club where I want to spread a little joy, positivity and a splash of holiday cheer during the holidays.
This iniative is not an official gSm event, and I am sure the event our lovely volunteers will be hosting will be magical as well.

The reason I wanted to make my own is because I have always loved giving and spreading joy around. I personally am not a big fan of Christmas, but since I discovered gSm back in January, and I have seen all the amazing events the FG have hosted since, I thought that this christmas might be good, as I have the lovely gSm community So this club is actually for me to make myself a better christmas by giving back to this fantastic community. I will arrange "Secret Santa", there will be an advent calendar (daily giveaways), bingos and good vibes. I hope you will join me, and I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful christmas time!