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Hello traveller!


Have you ever encountered a writer's block that you simply couldn't conquer on your own? Do you want to find someone to brainstorm ideas with, or just someone to listen while you rant about the latest idea for your story? Look no further, you have found a place to rest your weary head.


No matter if you are just getting into writing, or are hiding 5 novels waiting to get published, you are welcome here. Here we can talk about everything related to writing (and reading too!) with like-minded people. Original works and fanfiction are both more than welcome (I'm a fanfiction writer myself).



Just a few things I want to mention:


- BE KIND TO EACH OTHER. You can give constructive criticism, but don't be brutal with your phrasing. Encourage others rather than bring them down.

- REMEMBER THAT ALL WRITERS AND GENRES ARE WELCOME. No one is above someone else here.


I really just want this to be a chill and safe environment for all, and I hope that if you decide to join you're willing to contribute to that. While having fun, of course.

So feel free to join! I'll be waiting with open doors!