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"Better goSupermodel" is a browser extension that has a bunch of small improvements for goSupermodel such as clickable links and colouring your own forum posts. Switch tabs above to read more!

In this club you will find all the information about this extension. In the public forum section, you can read my development updates, ask questions and suggest new features for the extension.



All links are clickable in forum topics, fmb, gomessages and goblogs.
Images of wardrobe items when you hover links.

Forum topics

Highlighting your own posts and topics in the forums in a custom colour (which can be changed, but not seen by others ofc).
Show all images as "full" version (gifs are animated and pngs have transparency).
Max height + scroll on very long posts, such that if someone posts the entire bee movie script, you'll still be able to navigate the forum topic.
Preview topics by hovering over the title both in the forum overview and on the front page.
Easily bookmark forum topics with the "bookmark" button, which will add it to the front page bookmark widget.
Add the friend flower emoji next to your friends in forum topics.

Front page

Bookmarks on the front page.
Group similar activities in the "Friend activities" widget on the front page.


Add notes on items in the wardrobe.
Sticky filters that stay on screen when you scroll.
Icons in auctions for items from the shop and goCodes. This is supported by a community-maintained gocode overview.
Hide the "Buy" button in the wishlist when visiting other people's wishlists – this is to avoid accidentally buying items for yourself when you want to gift them.
Highlighting duplicates by having an exclamation mark in the top left corner of the item in the wardrobe.
Showing how many items you're wearing.


Live Sketzmo timer.
Asking "Are you sure?" when you exit games.


"Published magazines", "Saved looks" and "Suggested looks" added to user profiles under "Collections".
Fix the styling on the magazine editor such that it fits the new text tool.
Favouriting the new emojis so they show up next to the old emojis.
Notes for users in your contact list and blocklist.

BETA features

Searching by designer in the wardrobe (not fully functional)
Wardrobe favourites (not fully functional).
Filter by "Out of stock" items in wishlists.

 How do I change the background colour of my forum posts?

You can change this on the settings page found in this club.

 What are the default colours for the forum posts?

For the background, it's #cde3c1 and for the text it's #545454.

 All my favourites are not showing up in the wardrobe

The favourites feature is a 'beta' feature because it is not fully functional. I do not know whether it will become fully functional at any point, sadly. This is due to the way wardrobe items are lazy-loaded: To not overload your computer with the massive amount of items in your wardrobe, it only loads a few items at a time. The BETA-functionalities can't surcumvent this, and therefore, they only work on the top items in your wardrobe. Filtering by colour, quality and designer increases the chance of finding what you're looking for.

 Can I get this for Safari / iPad?

Sadly, no. The extension is not easily translatable to work in Safari as far as I can tell, and there is no way I can test the extension if I try, as I don't own any Apple products. So the there is no Safari version at the moment.


I want to thank all the very helpful and enthusiastic people who use this extension. You have suggested features to me, helped me come up with solutions for problems I had, and have made other people aware of the extension. You keep the goCodes updates, so other users are aware of which items in the auctions are given for free.

A special thank you to fragolata who has designed assets for the extension, come up with a great amount of ideas, inspired me to keep going, and who has found the trick to make a layout with tabs like this.

The "Behind the scenes" magazine

I have created a couple magazines to give you an insight into the development of the extension. You can see them all here:

Better gSm - BTS: 123

Better Wardrobe has been released! Read more here.