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 Heart fluttering romance, thrilling action, fascinating science fiction and heartbreaking tragedies – Kdrama has it all. ​ K-drama, or Korean drama, refers to scripted TV-shows produced in Korea, in Korean language. The dramas are aired on Korean television, as well as being available through online platforms.


This Club is exactly what YOU are looking for! It's not just about KDRAMA. It's about friendship, finding common ground of interest with others and enjoy talking about your favourite series! 


Our club forum includes ANIME/MANGA topic and a lot of reviews and recommendations for K-Dramas but also any other drama! 


If you are NEW to our crew and don't know where to start let me help you! Together with Padagrim we are making monthly magazine full of recommendations just for you! Our own thoughts and effort with time have gone into it to reach it's highest standards!