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Welcome to the layout shop of Natriumkarbonaatti.
Below you'll find answers to most frequently asked questions as well as the price table for custom layouts and add ons! If you wish to have a layout, but can't afford a custom made profile, I have also linked my GIF layout magazine below. The price is 50gM.

Do you take commissions?
I do! I do both static and GIF layouts. I accept VIP, goMoney and diamonds as payment.

How much is static layout?
Static layout is 2500gM or 30 diamonds.

How much is GIF layout?
GIF layout is 3000gM or 40 diamonds.

What is the pricing for scroll bars?
All my layouts come either with visible scroll bar or no scroll bar at all, depending what you wish for. If you wish to have insivible scroll bar, it will cost extra 100gM or 5 diamond.

How much for invisible links?
Invisible links are 500gM or 10 diamonds.

Can you add custom cursors and how much is addional cursor?
Yes! Addional cursor is 700gM or 15 diamonds.

How much for coding a layout I made?
Coding a layout you made is 1000gM or 20 diamonds.

How do I order?
By clicking LAYOUT SHOP in the left corner. It takes you to a forum where you can fill in your order.

Do I get to see my layout before paying?
Yes! I will send you a concept to approve. If there's anything you'd like to change then, you can. Once you have approved the concept, I will start coding your layout and send you a trade offer. Once you have accepted the trade offer, I will send you the code and instructions for use.