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Is it free to the club join?

YES, everyone can join and start their own bingo matches. Just keep in mind, this is stricly for us fast queens and kings out here. So slow matches are not the place! (around 30-40 min max per match)
The owner of a bingo game MAY take out a fee for hosting a game, please respect that!

What is speed bingo, is it diffrent to normal bingo?

No not really, it's just gonna go really fast, so you have to be extra carefull not to miss anything. Usally 20 sec between each call.

Will there be extra for members?

Yes, we will host speed bingo with bigger prices some times in our members forum! So make sure to join not to miss out! We will also announce when they are planed out.

How do i play or join a match?

Whenever there is an open bingo going, check if there is still space on the front post. Then you just comment ''IN'' in the comments. After that you vill be designated a number, that number is the same one you will have on your bingo card. The bingo cards are the links below the names. For exampel https://xxxx.xx/x/nf555zt/9 if you're number nine. 
All you have to do then, is to refresh the forum and wait for the numbers to roll out! And when your whole card is full, you comment BINGO.
The game creator will then controll check your card and see if you have all right.
DON'T forget that YOU have to collect the prize if it's GM/DM/VIP, the game creator can't gift you.

What do i use to create a board?

I use this website to create free boards CLICK ME. You create your own board and then press ''create 30 cards for free''. You'll come to a new cite where u have to press ''induvidual links'' copy all of them and enter them in your forum.

What do i use to draw numbers?

This website is perfect for drawing numbers, they keep track on wich once you have drawn. AND you get the option to set a timer for the numbers. You can also pause anytime to check stuff or just take a break. I use 20 sec inbetween each one. CLICK ME

Can i keep track in any way?

Well i use windows documents to keep track of the numbers, just make sure to make spaces between each recap haha! I mean to make it eaisier to keep track.

Do i have to pay the price myself??

No not at all, you can make a price free bingo match or ask people to add to the pot. Usally alot of people are open to add things of their own to make the match more interesting.

Chermaly - Main Granny
Hozier - Sweety granny
IreneK - Sweety granny
Arwen - Sweety granny

Feel free to reach out with any questions!