Advent calendar

The goSupermodel advent calendar is a yearly returning feature. Once per day for the first 24 days of December, you get to open a gift and receive a reward from it.

Opening a gift

Press the gift of the current day to open it. Please note that the calendar is based on goSupermodel server time (Central European Time, GMT+1) and updates at 00:00 CET each day.

Standard and premium calendars

The standard calendar is free for everyone.

The premium calendar is a second calendar, where you'll get an additional gift each day with even fancier rewards than the standard calendar. You can buy a premium calendar for yourself or for other users. A user can only have one premium calendar per account.


The following lists specify which rewards are possible to get from what type of calendar:

Standard calendar

- goMoney - Diamonds - Fame - Greetings - Suggested look spaces - Items

Premium calendar

- goMoney - Diamonds - Fashion Points - Greetings - Own look spaces - Items

Calendar expiration

If you haven't opened your gift from the standard calendar before the update time at 00:00 CET, you will not receive a reward from that day.

If you have the premium calendar, however, you can claim rewards from previous dates even after the day has passed in both of your calendars. The very last day for premium calendar users to open a gift is on the 25th of December 2023.