Gift card

Gift card is an easy way to give goSupermodel VIP as a gift. There are two alternatives - 2 weeks and 6 months - and both of them come with an exclusive outfit that cannot be bought from the goSupermodel shop. To see the current deal, visit the gift card page.

Buying a gift card

Gift cards can be bought through a link accessible on the landing page or directly from here. The secure payment flow guides you through every step.

After the purchase, you can see your receipt and a link to the gift card. You can print them directly from there - but you will also receive them by email. On top of that, if you chose so, the gift card will be emailed to the recipient.

Redeeming a gift card

Each gift card has a unique code that can be used only once. To redeem a gift card, log in on goSupermodel and go to Redeem codes and type in the gift card code. After the gift card is redeemed, the VIP and the items are immediately added to the model. If the model already had VIP, the duration of the new VIP is simply added on top of the existing one.

Gift cards expire after one year from purchase.

If this did not solve your problem, you can send us a ticket in support at: