Sketzmo is goSupermodel's creative drawing and guessing game. It's played one to one and there are two goals: guess what is being drawn to you, and make the other one guess what you drew to them.

Starting a game

There are three options to starting a new game.

Friend: Select a model from your friend list and challenge them. You can also access the general model search from this option.

Random: We'll match you with a random online model.

Share: Get a link that you can share with your friend who's not on goSupermodel. The person clicking the link can see your drawing and guess it. If the user wants to continue further, the user can easily create a model and continue the game.

Playing the game

When you start a game, the first thing you do is pick a word and draw it. When you're done, it'll be sent to the model you're playing with. If they guesses correctly, they can then pick a word and draw it to you. You'll always get a notification when it's your turn to continue.

When it's your turn to guess, you'll see a bunch of letters and empty boxes. The boxes show how many letters the word has. Some of the letters that you can see are in the word, some of them are not.

The game goes on until one of you can't guess anymore or deletes it. You can have many games going on at the same time - but only one game with the same model.

Settings and drawings

You can decide who can invite you to play Sketzmo on your Settings page.

You can access your own drawings on My sketzmos page. Sketzmos are saved there for two weeks. From there you can also upload them to goSupermodel if you want to use them on the forums or in a magazine.

You can buy additional colours and brushes to expand your options. For more colours, click the "+" icon next to the colours and choose which pack you want to buy. If you want to buy a new brush, click the brush icon.

Prizes and difficulty levels

The words you can choose to draw are divided into three difficulty levels. Your prize depends on the difficulty level of the word you chose.

The levels and the prizes are:

  • Easy: 3 goMoney, 6 fame
  • Medium: 6 goMoney, 12 fame
  • Hard: 9 goMoney, 18 fame

Prizes are paid once the drawing is guessed correctly. Both the drawer and the guesser will get the prize.