When you rise in fame level, you get to unlock a new bonus. This is done on your Fame page. There you can also see a list of all bonuses as they become available to you.

You can use bonuses to make your favourite things even cooler. For example, if you enjoy making magazines, a 40% discount from the publishing fee might be just your thing.

There are three types of bonuses: Socialite, Gamer and Journalist. You can decide yourself which type of bonuses you want to unlock once they become available to you.

Each type has one extra cool bonus. In order to unlock that, you have to be at least level 15 and have unlocked all the other bonuses of that type first.

Bonuses last forever.

Buy more

If you don't want to wait until you have gathered enough fame to unlock a new bonus, you can buy a key for 10 Diamonds.

Editing bonuses

If you're not happy with the bonuses you've unlocked, you can edit your choices. Editing bonuses will give you back all your keys and lock all the bonuses you've unlocked so you can start over. It costs 500 goMoney.

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