To bring a touch of personality to the site, you can upload and use pictures. You can show off your pets, favourite celebrities, funny quotes and many other things.

You can use pictures in your profile and in magazines. You can also attach them to your forum posts and goBlog posts. Just choose the picture from the roll-down menu when you're writing your message.

To see your pictures or to upload more, go to Pictures.

Getting pictures

There are three ways to get pictures. You can access them all under Pictures.

You can buy the right to use a picture someone else has uploaded and shared. It costs 1 gM and you can use the picture instantly, wherever you want. You can also do this when you see the picture on the forum: just click on the picture and follow the instructions!

You can also upload your own picture. Uploading costs 10 goMoney. Pictures are approved by the goSupermodel staff before you can use them. That may take a couple of days. If you want to earn the upload fee back, you can share the picture. That means others can buy the right to use it.

You can also upload a picture with 1 Diamond. You can use the picture straight away. If you want, you can share it and earn up to 10 goMoney.

Sharing pictures

If you want to earn the upload fee back, you can share the pictures you've uploaded to goSupermodel.

You can share a picture by clicking it and choosing Edit and share. You can also share it already when you upload it. Once you've shared a picture, you can't unshare it. You can delete it from your own gallery but you can't delete it from those who have bought the right to use it.

To make sure others can find the picture you're sharing, choose a couple of categories that describe the picture. You can also type in search words.

Picture approval

To keep goSupermodel nice and safe, we check all the pictures that are uploaded. You'll get a notification when your pictures have been approved.

If you upload something that breaks the rules, your picture will not appear on the site or will be deleted without further notice. You will lose the upload fee and risk getting a warning or a time-out. If you constantly break the rules, we might have to delete your model.

Rules about pictures

Inappropriate pictures are rejected or deleted. That means you will not be able to use those pictures on goSupermodel. You will still be charged the upload fee.

Here's examples of things we don't allow in pictures:

  • Violence or self-harm (like anorexia and cutting)
  • Animal cruelty
  • Images that contain foreign language only
  • Heavy or very graphic references to sex
  • Gore and graphic images
  • Pictures that sexualise and pornographic images
  • Drugs or other illegal substances
  • Images that directly promote any beliefs in a radical manner: political, religious, diet etc
  • Images that are clearly uploaded to mock, bully or provoke certain people.
  • Scary content
  • Images that directly promote drinking and smoking. “You should drink a beer/have a smoke”
  • Copyright infringement
  • Inappropriate text
  • Messages that were meant to be private
  • Someone pretending to be Admin, watAgame employee, moderator or other member of goSupermodel staff