Décor is your "home" on goSupermodel. It's your personal hangout, so make it into a funky living room where you and your friends can chill out. Or make a cosy bedroom for those Friday night slumber parties. You can even add an outside area with flowers and trees if you want to go green.

It's entirely up to you how to make it look and it's easy to change when you're in the mood for giving it a makeover.

Tip! You can move the walls around to shape the room the way you want. It's a good idea to do this before you start decorating the room.


You can chat with other models that visit your room. You can chat in any of your friends' rooms - and once you become level 3 or higher you can chat in any model's room.

Free items

Most of the things in Décor are free! Drag them into your room and mess around as much as you want. You can also buy luxury (Deluxe) items if you want to spice up the atmosphere a bit more.

Deluxe items

Deluxe items are animated (like flickering candles, fireplace, etc.). The added coolness factor means that Deluxe items cost goMoney. You can drag Deluxe items into your room to see how they fit, but:

  • Deluxe items you haven't bought won't be visible to others in your room
  • Deluxe items you haven't bought won't stay in your room when you leave it
  • Deluxe items you haven't bought have price tags

Do my things wear down?

Great news! Décor items don't wear down.