Forum search

How do I search the forums?

It can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find what you are looking for in the forums. And that's why there's a search function :). It's located on the left side of the forum pages. Type in your search words, and we'll try to find some relevant topics for you.

NB! Your search words must consist of three letters or more for the search to work!

General search

Let's say you are looking for a topics about pets and puppies. You could then type in words that would be obvious to appear in such topics.

Example: Pets animals dogs puppy puppies

The search would result in topics where one or more of these words appear.

Specific search

If you want to find a topic that contains a specific sentence or combination of words, you can use quotation marks around your search words.

Example: "Where Girls Rule"

This search will only give you topics with this exact sentence. It wouldn't find topics where one of the words had been left out (Girls Rule) or where the order is different (Rule Where Girls).

Tip! If you want to see what a specific model has been writing about, the easiest way is to go to their profile. When in their profile, choose the Community section from the left menu and browse through their forum posts.