Friend activities

Friend activities

It can be a bit hard to keep in close touch with all your friends on goSupermodel. With this feature you will quickly be able to see what they have been doing and vice versa.

You can find your friend activity list on the Front page

Not only for your friends

You can also see your own activities under My activities or any other model's activities under their profile Activities.

What activities are shown?

For each of your friends you can set what level of details you want to see. Go to their activity page and choose between All, Important activities or None.

Important activities

  • Had a Birthday
  • Became a moderator
  • Became a focus group member, Junior Designer, or a VIP on goSupermodel
  • Rose in fame level
  • Created a new club
  • Gained a new role in a club
  • Was a journalist on a published magazine issue
  • Was the editor on a published magazine issue

Normal activities

  • Edited their profile page
  • Took a goTest
  • Received a gift
  • Uploaded a new picture
  • Uploaded a new design
  • Created a new goTest
  • Started a new forum topic
  • Made a new goBlog entry
  • Made a new best friend
  • Made a new friend
  • Entered a competition
  • Updated their D├ęcor room
  • Bought a new magazine issue

Who can see your activities?

There are 3 different settings to choose from, determining who are allowed to see your activities. The visibility setting is found under My activities:

Everybody is allowed to see your activities
My friends
Only those on your friend list can see your activities
Only me
Only you will be able to see what you have been doing