Backstage Rush

Here are the rules to goSupermodel Backstage Rush

1. Game Story

You are an assistant at a designer fashion show, and your job is to make the models ready for the runway. The show has a tight schedule and the models must be ready before time runs out.

You must style the model's hair, apply their make-up, and get them dressed for the runway.

2. The game menu

The first menu you will see is the game menu. You can choose to play alone or with your fellow goSupermodels.

3. Backstage

Backstage is situated behind the runway and is the place where you and your friends will work with the models. When you arrive backstage you should locate your model on the left of your screen, you will also notice three blinking tools that you need to use on the models.


There are three types of tools:

Dress Up Tool
This is the clothes-hanger on top of the screen.
Hair Tool
The chair in the middle of the screen with the hair tools.
Make-up Tool
The make-up tool belt is placed on the table at bottom of the screen.

You need to click on a tool in order to use it on a model. Clicking on a tool and then on a model will start one of the three mini-games.


A model will automatically walk backstage when you start the game. You will notice that the model has a clock, and a model-score-bar with a black marker. The clock indicates the time left before the model has to leave for the catwalk.
The score-bar shows your total score in the mini-games, each mini-game has its own colour. The black marker is the minimum readiness score, if the score has reached the marker the model is ready, and an arrow will appear. This allows you to send the model onto the runway.

Total score and lives

In the top right corner you can see your current score and how many models you can afford to fail.

You gain points by playing the mini-games and finishing the models. You lose lives by failing to finish models, if you lose all of your models the fashion show failed and you lost.

4. The mini games

Dress Up Game
In this game you need to dress the model just as seen on the mannequin. You can find the clothes by clicking the menu on the bottom of the screen. You can return to the showroom (the star icon) and compare the clothes to see if you are correct.
Hair Game
This model has some crazy fast growing hair, and you must make sure it looks nice.
You have three tools available: Use the bottle of dye on grey hairs, the scissors on the new growth, and the straightening iron on the curls.
Remember that this game is fast paced so be quick!
Make-up Game
Make-up is all about precision, and so is the make-up game. The make-up has already been decided in advance and is shown in a small picture on the left side of the screen. You must apply the make-up in 5 steps and match the picture as closely as possible.

5. Good advice

  • You can always redo a mini game. Just pick up a tool and try again, you cannot do worse than before only better
  • Be quick, a model with bad make-up is better than no make-up at all. Make sure you do not loose lives