Wardrobe Challenge

These rules explain how to play the goSupermodel Wardrobe Challenge game

1. Game Goal

The goal of the Wardrobe Challenge game is to remove as many clothes items from the game board as possible. If you can remove all items from the board you have completed the level and will proceed to the next level. The more levels you complete the more points and goMoney you will earn.

2. How to play

Items can be removed when two or more similar ones are next to each other (see which items are removable by moving the mouse over the board). You simply click on any item in a group with your left mouse button to remove the whole group. When items are removed, those placed above the group will fall down. If a whole column is cleared, items to the left of it will be moved to the right.

3. Points

The bigger a group of items is, the more points you get for removing it (see how many points you get for removing a group of items by moving the mouse over it). Also, you can get the following bonuses:

  • Level completed: 1000
  • 1 item left: 800
  • 2 items left: 600
  • 3 items left: 400
  • 4 items left: 200

4. goMoney Rewards

For the first level you complete you will earn 20 goMoney. For the second, you'll earn 22 goMoney and for the third 24 goMoney. The amount of goMoney you get will grow like this as you go further in levels.

When the game ends, you may get some extra goMoney depending on how many items were left. If you only had 1 or 2 items left, you'll get 4 goMoney. If you had 3 to 10 items left, you'll get 2 goMoney.