Dance Show

These rules explain how to play the goSupermodel Dance Show game

1. Game Goal

The dance shows are single-player games where you can test your model's dance skills. Your goal is to remember and then repeat a number of dance steps.

2. Overview

The dance steps are first displayed - the fields light up in green in numerical order. After that you have to repeat them in the same order by clicking in the right fields with your mouse.

Tip! The cursor changes from a clock to an arrow when it is your turn to act.

3. Training

The Training Hall is where you practice your dancing skills and get ready for the real dance shows. The Training Hall is always open and you can practice as much as you like. You cannot win anything in the training hall, but there are no requirements either.

4. Unlocking levels

In order to play real dance shows you must first unlock them at the training hall. In other words, you must first prove that you are good enough to play a certain dance show by reaching a certain level at the training hall. Once you unlock a new level, a green screen will inform you about it. You only ever have to unlock a certain level once!

5. Dance shows

The dance shows represent different difficulty levels and when you have trained a bit at the training hall you will be ready to play these. At the real dance shows you can win fame and goMoney (see 7. Prizes) if you do well so you should pay extra attention to the steps you must repeat as mistakes will cost you the prize!

6. Requirements

Each dance show has a requirement for your dance skill that you need to meet in order to play at that particular difficulty. You can always see what dance skill you have on your profile, but you will also see that those dance shows that you can enter are highlighted in colours.

7. Prizes

At the dance shows you can win fame and goMoney prizes if you do well. The size of the prizes varies according to the difficulty level of the dance shows, as can be seen below:

  • Amateur Scene: 6 goMoney, 12 Fame
  • Pro Dance Studio: 18 goMoney, 36 Fame
  • National Disco Arena: 36 goMoney, 72 Fame
  • World Tour Stage: 72 goMoney, 144 Fame
  • goSupermodel Studios: 144 goMoney, 288 Fame