Under Settings you can change details for your goSupermodel account that are not shown to other users.

My e-mail

Most of the features on goSupermodel require that you have an email address that you have validated. If you need to change that email address, you can do it under Settings.

Your e-mail will NOT be visible to other users, and we will not pass it on to others! We can use your email for:

  • resending your password if you forget it
  • sending you notifications about new goMessages
  • sending you newsletters

Tip! Your email address must be validated before it is accepted. Some web mails like Hotmail, Yahoomail, etc. have spam guards that block the validation email we send you so you may need to turn off the spam guard.

Change password

We suggest that you change your password regularly. Remember to click the Save button before you leave the page!

Tip! Make sure that your password is not easy for others to guess. You can get some tips on this under Online safety.

Miscellaneous settings

Under this category you can select if you want to receive various goSupermodel e-mails and send out birthday reminders to your friends (this only works if you have entered your birthday).

If you have entered your birthday, you will get a free goSupermodel gift on that date (note that you will only get one gift a year). Also, models on your friend list will then get a message the day before, encouraging them to send you gifts :-)

Based on your birthday your star sign will be shown on your profile.

Tip! Other models will not be able to see your birthday so there is no reason to cheat ;-)

Delete model

At the bottom of the Settings page you will find a button that allows you to delete your model. Be absolutely certain before you use it as it can't be undone!

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