goSupermodel friends

Friends are an important part of the goSupermodel world. The term friends is used to describe the group of models that you talk to the most, and it is the second highest level of relationship you can have with others on goSupermodel. There is a maximum number of friends you can have, depending on your model level:

Model level 
Level 050
Level 150
Level 250
Level 360
Level 460
Level 560
Level 670
Level 780
Level 890
Level 9100
Level 10110
Level 11120
Level 12130
Level 13140
Level 14150
Level 15160
Level 16170
Level 17180
Level 18190
Level 19200
Level 20210
Level 21220
Level 22230
Level 23240
Level 24250
Level 25260

NB! Please note that online friends are not necessarily the same as real life friends! Therefore you should never give personal information to your goSupermodel friends.

Best friends

Of all you friends you can ask one to become best friends. Note that a best friend will still count towards your maximum number of friends.

Being best friends is something quite special, and therefore you can share each other's wardrobes in Photo Shoot games - except when you enter the same photo shoot.

How to become friends

To become friends (or best friends) with another model, you must send the model a request for friendship. These few steps show you how to do that:

  1. Find the model and then click on their name or picture
  2. Select the Add as friend button
  3. You will now get a pop up where you can select the type of friendship you are looking for and also write a short message
  4. Click Ok and the model will get your request
  5. It is now up to the other model to accept or reject it

NB! Your requests may be cancelled if the model has decided to use one of the rejection settings for incoming friend requests!

Managing your friends

You can manage all your friends (including best friend) and requests in your Friends menu. Please note that:

  • When "removing" a best friend they will become a regular friend
  • You can withdraw any requests that you have already sent out