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Back to School: What type of student are you? You're a Rebel! You tend to do things your own way and aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Your choices are often driven by your own beliefs and values, rather than what everyone else is doing. Your creativity and passion are truly admirable! › Take goTest
which gsm scandal are you you're the mod chat getting leaked! › Take goTest
What is ur gsm love language? Thrall (slave basically) You bump everyone's topic. If your friend is looking to buy an item you will help them find it. You always get an extra gocode in case they don ´t. You bid on their auctions to help them raise the price. You would do anything! › Take goTest
What kind of cat are you? BLACK AND WHITE/BLACK/WHITE COMFORTABLE CAT You are a comfortable cat who appreciates space. You also love being around the owners. You are a well-groomed kitty who loves to rest! MEOW! › Take goTest
Which Greek Mythology Creature Are You?

You are a Phoenix (Phoinix)! A fabulous, red-gold bird, you are reborn from the ashes after each life. Losing a battle? You can ignite yourself and your foe, no problem! Brave and caring, sometimes you can be a little too trusting… remember to trust your own feelings, too! 

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Did you know who sing the Song? Congratulations you are verry Good › Take goTest
Are you a people pleaser? yes you are a people pleaser, try to pay more attention to yourself and your needs. it is very important, you can do it<3 i belive in you<3 › Take goTest
Could you walk a mile in MY shoes? You could never walk a Mile in my shoes LUV! › Take goTest
What year is it in your country? 200 BC renaissance › Take goTest
What item in my apartment are you? The rotten tomato in my fridge You're tired of having to take responsibility. For yourself, for those around you, being an adult. You wish you could just lay down in your bed and stay there. You might also have bad self-esteem. You´re down to earth. › Take goTest
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