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what is your mental finnish home town Turku aka the right answer!!! you are the best and you know it even though people might disagree with you. just enough space where you might know your cohabitants but can stay away from them if you need to. perfectly balaced, as all things should be. › Take goTest
Which Bratz character are you? You're Yasmin! You're kind and sweet and people feel safe around you. You care about others and tend to put others first before you and your wishes. Your smile can light up the whole room when coming in and people love you for that type of energy. › Take goTest
what coffee type you are? You are Latte!! You are kind person and you like milk in your coffee. You are also chill person and like to just watch movies. And you not really like that how coffee tastes so you have to put something your coffee to make it taste less coffee › Take goTest
Are you a Rori or a Camzilla?

OMG! You are totally a fashionista like Rori. I bet you have a giant wardrobe collection and care about collecting rare, special items too. 

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Would we vibe together? I'm so sorry dear, we're not a match. But that's totally okay! Just because we have different preferences and taste, it doesn't mean we can't get along with each other <3 › Take goTest
The plant you get describes ur personality! Calathea - You're quite a difficult plant to maintain! You either don't like what you're given and then choose to die out of sheer diva-ness or you require a very specific treatment that you won't compromise on! But you're very pretty ;) › Take goTest
Sorting hat HUFFLEPUFF! Congratulations on making the house that values justice, loyalty, patience and hard work. › Take goTest
Are you the main character or the best friend? You are the best friend. You care enormously for other. If the hurt so do you. You have a hard time believing in your own skills. You don't feel worthy. You need the main character to pull you out off your comfort zone. › Take goTest
How much do you even like chocolate? Chocolate LOVER! Yep, your chocolate taste are supreme. When it comes to sweets, you only go for the chocolatey of chocolate desserts! › Take goTest
Flop or slay era You’re neither in your flop OR slay era. You’re just… there. And I respect that. › Take goTest
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› Which Finnish dessert are you? Let's find out which sweet Finnish delicacy are you! › Take goTest