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Are you a Rori or a Camzilla?

OMG! You are totally a fashionista like Rori. I bet you have a giant wardrobe collection and care about collecting rare, special items too. 

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Are you Crown's twin? You are very much like me, yaaayy!!! <333 › Take goTest
F marry kill : male celebrities You're basic, but cute. Smile to the world mrs.Styles › Take goTest
Twilight quiz: will you marry Edward or Jacob? Congratulations! You will marry the mysterious Edward Cullen and have a wonderful life with him, whether as a vampire yourself living toghether forever or just until the end of your limited human life. He will be by your side no matter what <3 › Take goTest
Are you born to be a moderator? Maybe just go chill?? I know I will now<3 › Take goTest
Do you remember the swedish goSupermodel? Wow, you remembered a lot. You definitely remembers the old swedish goSupermodel. › Take goTest
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