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☢️ Are you toxic? ☢️ your an angel !!! u are one of the few pure of heart stay that way!!! ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ › Take goTest
Back to School: What type of student are you? You're a Nerd! You love learning new things and solving problems, and you pay attention to details. You enjoy, and may even prefer, your quiet alone time. But as a friend you're loyal and supportive, even though you might be a bit shy at first. › Take goTest
PERSONALITY TEST BUT the questions are VERY specific Here are your stats: You always wrote pretty notes in school. You have been complimented for your logical thinking and you enjoy sophisticated conversations. Everything seems easy for you on the outside - you're very good at hiding your weaknesses.. › Take goTest
Let me guess your amount of goMoney Around 10k › Take goTest
are you dumb or smart? very smart congralutalations › Take goTest
What kind of dog are you? Comfortable dog You like comfort, tasty food and fun. You enjoy your walks, but you'd love to spend time at home. Balance is the most important! › Take goTest
Are you like Shrimpyy? ♡ BBY YESS HIT ME UP IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!<333 I LOVE THIS! › Take goTest
Are you like casablanco? You’re meeeee!! We are the same, we are one. A perfectly symbiotic mixture. This is the most iconic duo ever. You’re an absolute legend!!!! › Take goTest
which gsm scandal are you you're the mod chat getting leaked! › Take goTest
Drivers licence test You must be a really good driver because you got most (if not everything) right! You probably already have a license or you're ready for your exam soon <3 › Take goTest
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› Biology Test Take my biology test (I'm a high school biology teacher). Will you
› Take goTest
› Are you AppaBos? Little test to see whether we're alike or not › Take goTest