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What city in Finland are you? You're Vantaa › Take goTest
Which drink are you? You are a strawberry daiquiri. Your personality is like a sweet strawberry, everyone likes you. You don't have many enemies and your friends and family adore you for your great personality :) › Take goTest
Are you an extrovert, introvert or an ambivert? INTROVERT You definetly enjoy spending time with just one or two people, rather than large groups. Socializing can be very exhausting. You still love good company you can be cozy with and explore the world and meet different cultures! › Take goTest
which joaquin phoenix movie are you? you are the movie "walk the line" (2005)! a romantic biographical drama where joaquin plays the famous singer-songwriter johnny cash. the movie follows through his life and his love story with the beautiful singer june carter. pretty fun! › Take goTest
Let me guess your zodiac sign! You're definitely an air sign; Aquarius, Gemini or Libra! Always thinking and a master of communicating - your head is in the clouds! › Take goTest
what is your mental finnish home town Turku aka the right answer!!! you are the best and you know it even though people might disagree with you. just enough space where you might know your cohabitants but can stay away from them if you need to. perfectly balaced, as all things should be. › Take goTest
Do you know classic rock songs? FINISH THE LYRICS! Wow! You seem to have a great taste of music ;) Well done! › Take goTest
What type of friend are you? You're a very loving, trusting and loyal friend. You're always ready to help your friends and talk about what's on their minds. You often put your friends higher than yourself but maybe you should try to care more for you?  › Take goTest
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› What shape is your poop let's find out › Take goTest
› HOW FINNISH ARE YOU!!!!!!! let's test how finnish you are no matter where you're from !!!! › Take goTest