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Are you a main character? Main Character You're the main character! You're original, captivating, and you seem to have a very interesting life. Everyone's heads turn when you walk in. Keep being you! › Take goTest
Which Pok√©mon are you? You are a Pichu! › Take goTest
Which astrological element are you? I guess you are earth element! Did I guess it right? › Take goTest
Are you more like Wednesday or Enid? You're a true Wednesday. You thrive in black and in solitude › Take goTest
Can I guess your age? You are somewhere between 14-17 › Take goTest
whats your zodiac sign? You give me air sign vibes!! Aquarius, libra and gemini! Air signs are known for spreading ideas and being master communicators. They carry "the winds of change," and are very intellectual! You're known for your great ideas and great humour! › Take goTest
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