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whats your zodiac sign? You give me water sign vibes!! Scorpio, pisces and cancer! Water signs are known for their connection to their emotions and those around them! They take their family and home life very seriously, making them loving partners. You're wonderful! › Take goTest
UU - what fanfic troupe are you Coffee shop AU - You go for safe choices and that's okay! You like to do things how you've learned them over time and change is difficult for you. › Take goTest
Which Bridgerton are you? Your like Daphne! Because of your kindness many see you as a good friend! Your warm to people which is why they feel welcome with you. Give yourself this same kindness and warmth too luv, your worth it <3 › Take goTest
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› How big of a HP fan are you? Part 1 Here awesome questions that will determine how big of a HP fan you are!

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