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Are u mentally ill test? Yes you seem to be mentally ill. You may not be in the best place rn, but i promise everything will be okay. Enjoy the little happy things in ur life <3 › Take goTest
Can you survive the night? You died in the bathroom › Take goTest
Directioner or Directionator? You've got that one thing: it's knowledge about 1D. You breathe carrots and hate spoons. Clearly you've suffered from One Direction-infection and you dont care it obvious: you just can't get enough of them. That's what makes you beautiful  › Take goTest
Are you a dog or a cat person? You give me *** cat lady vibes. You are a cat person. OBVIOUSLY <33 › Take goTest
Which Harry Styles song are you? You're so Golden. You enjoy a glass of wine in a local cafe on the streets of Italy. You want to be around people but me-time is also important to you. › Take goTest
are you annoying at parties you’re not annoying at all let’s go to the bathroom and Rush! iykyk › Take goTest
How well do you know Harry Styles' lyrics? You most definitely know Harry's songs! Congrats! › Take goTest
How addicted are you with gsm? You have for sure a gsm addiction! You spend hours and hours a day on gsm. You don't want to put gsm down. You like it the much, nothing wrong with this. But maybe spend some time in to something else. But hey join the club, i have the same issue!XD › Take goTest
How Finnish are you? -6% › Take goTest
Trivia! Random questions 1. 4 2. 122 3. Mandarin 4. Mitochondria 5. Pacific Ocean 6. Lisbon 7. 7 Thank you for taking my quiz! I hope you enjoyed it :) › Take goTest
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