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How toxic are you You are mildly toxic, but you're halfway there $ › Take goTest
what celebrity are you i'm not a celebrity but i like to think i am *manifesting* oh yes u me btw › Take goTest
Which Disney princess are you? (ACCURATE) Rapunzel You have that childlike enthusiasm and happiness in you that others don't. You're full of dreams and you're not scared to chase them. › Take goTest
What Hogwartz House are you in? You are in Slytherin! You are cunning, ambitious, resourceful and a leader. You want to succeed, and you'll stop at nothing to get what you want. You defend your own and are loayal to your own kind, as long as they dont betray you. › Take goTest
Do I think you are annoying? you are mildly annoying /: › Take goTest
are you cool? you're obviously a very cool person!!<3 › Take goTest
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