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how mommy are you? You can be mommy when you feel like it. You don't necessarily exhude mommy energy constantly but you can definitely tap into that energy flow when the situation calls for it. A sort of weekend mommy situation, if you will ;) › Take goTest
should u get a tattoo? you should definitely get one. at least one. it might help u out › Take goTest
Which sea creature are you?

You have the personality of a wise and patient turtle!

On this day, that is very special outcome to have... as it is International Turtle Day today!  Please use the goCode getmeaturtle to adopt your little self. 

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Who would be your BFF: Julia, Alex or Nelly?

You're most compatible with the troublemaker, Alex. Alex is a firm believer of individuality being key and loves to push boundaries. Nothing beats her love for her animals tho. You both should rock out sometime 

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Are you cute Omfg yess you are so cute. Go take a look in the mirror cuz u so cuteee! › Take goTest
Which gSm-Function Fits You Best? You are a moderator! › Take goTest
Are you a Rori or a Camzilla?

OMG! You are totally a fashionista like Rori. I bet you have a giant wardrobe collection and care about collecting rare, special items too. 

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Air, water, earth or fire sign? my guess would be that you’re a……. water sign! (Or maybe ur rising/moon) thanks for taking my goTest :) <3 › Take goTest
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› Are you a fish? This goTest will show you if you are a fish c: › Take goTest