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Which McDonald's menu item are you? You are the salad. You hate McDonald's and you think that you are soooo much better than other people because you are eating your "healthy salad". I don't even know why you would order a salad at McDonald's. You can literally make a salad at home. › Take goTest
Which parfume you should try? Based on your answers, these are the parfumes I recommend! J'adore by Dior Mon Paris by YSL Bright Crystal by Versace Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs › Take goTest
are you ye fan you are tryhard ye fan also like adolf as a friend and godtier ham top of sandwich enjoyer TOP G › Take goTest
Guessing your aesthetic The clean aesthetic! You're the Matilda Djerf of the friendgroup. You're minimalistic and love updating your wardrobe with timeless basics. › Take goTest
are you gosu pro gz you are ! › Take goTest
Are you an OG-gSm person?? you know EVERYTHING!!! You're an real OG <33 › Take goTest
are you gay yes › Take goTest
Are you a shoe or a hat? You are a hat › Take goTest
Which season do you belong in? A CHILD OF SUMMER <3 You like it hot, and you like what the season brings with it! › Take goTest
What animal am I? TRUE OUTCOME! If you've chosen 1A (you eat meat), 2C (red), 3B (summer), 4C (swimming in the ocean) and 5A (coffee) Well you're obviously a TIGER GRRRRRRRR CONGRATS! › Take goTest
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