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would you be a better CEO than rikke? you would be better. congrats! › Take goTest
Back to School: What type of student are you? You're a Nerd! You love learning new things and solving problems, and you pay attention to details. You enjoy, and may even prefer, your quiet alone time. But as a friend you're loyal and supportive, even though you might be a bit shy at first. › Take goTest
Are you like me (puukkojuhla)? You're me! I'm sorry :( We'll be alright. Hopefully. Eventually. In the meantime I am sending you some love <33 › Take goTest
are you dumb or smart? very smart congralutalations › Take goTest
What kind of cat are you? DOMESTIC GRAY CAT People are for you, not you for people. People serve you and give you the best of life. When you need a vet visit, he comes to you. You are just a favorite! MEOW! › Take goTest
Whats your IQ? IQ 120 You're definitely a genius! You're the smartest on gSm without any doubt. Each time you talk people around you gain IQ. › Take goTest
Smash or pass - picky eater edition Congratulations you finished the goTest!! You’re not a picky eater :o › Take goTest
Should you be TrineLouises friend? You are not quite like me, but I think that you would be an absolute party to have around! <3 › Take goTest
Which one of my favorite Genshin characters are you? You're Albedo, a mysterious alchemist who prefers to keep to himself and is also a talented artist. › Take goTest
Which Greek Mythology Creature Are You?

You are a Phoenix (Phoinix)! A fabulous, red-gold bird, you are reborn from the ashes after each life. Losing a battle? You can ignite yourself and your foe, no problem! Brave and caring, sometimes you can be a little too trusting… remember to trust your own feelings, too! 

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