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Let me guess your amount of goMoney Around 25k › Take goTest
Did you know who sing the Song? Congratulations you are verry Good › Take goTest
Which Backstage Rush level suits you? Level 5! You're the Backstage Rush master. Nothing will get you off your feet, not even the fact that you have to actually not suck at the eye make- up. › Take goTest
Do you remember the One Direction lyrics? Puur-fect! I really couldn't tell if this test was too hard since I never created one before but YOU DID IT! Congrats you wasted as much time as I did for this band which shamelessly lied to us when they said """HIATUS""" › Take goTest
Are YOU the toxic friend?! You seem like a normal nice person and good friend. You might have some toxic traits, but most of us do. You value communication and mutual respect, and that goes a long way. › Take goTest
are u hot? omg bestie, you're so hot, keep on slaying purrrrrrr › Take goTest
How good is your english? Your english is very good, congatulations! › Take goTest
HOW FINNISH ARE YOU!!!!!!! You are a true finn!!!!!! awesome congrats › Take goTest
are you annoying at parties yes i might think youre sad and depressing % › Take goTest
Smash or pass - picky eater edition Congratulations you finished the goTest!! You’re not a picky eater :o › Take goTest
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