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Are we alike? We are not really alike :( › Take goTest
Are you a human or a robot? You are a human. Watch out for the robots! › Take goTest
Which BRATZ Doll Are You? You're Cloe! You're ethereal and down to earth, and you're always there for your friends. You have an artistic side and can be found at galleries or taking cute photos of your friends for your photography portfolio. You're also very clumsy! › Take goTest
Introvert or extrovert You are more Extrovert. You like to be around with people and feel good › Take goTest
De Lama's! Who is your favorite? You level the most with ... The master of wordplay, the one who is not afraid to cross some boundaries, THE legend: Ruben van der Meer!  › Take goTest
Which flying pig are you? Pink pig! You've clearly not watched meangirls recently because you don't just wear pink on Wednesdays, you do it every day! And you rock that look! You're worth a lot (150gm) and you like to share a bit. You are kind and lovable. › Take goTest
Would I like you as a person? You're great, we'd make good friends probably. › Take goTest
Would we be a good match? We are a perfect match! › Take goTest
Which Dutch snack are you? You're smoked sausage! Mature, wise, sometimes a bit salty, and an acquired taste. You're comfortable with who you are and care deeply. Great with some mustard or in Dutch pea soup. › Take goTest
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