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spelling test well done! your answers were entirely, or at least mostly, correct › Take goTest
What Disney Cars character are you? Bold & beautiful Cruz Ramirez! You are energetic & want to motivate others to do better. You like happy colors & you are funny & you have the courage to take pretty huge risks in life. It is also very hard to get you back once a friend betrays you › Take goTest
whats your zodiac sign? You give me earth sign vibess!! Capricorn, taurus or virgo! They're known to be stable, pragmatic, and unwavering. If you want someone to edit your résumé or help you move, you're calling an earth sign! You're a reliable friend! › Take goTest
Are you toxic? Congrats you are just a normal human being › Take goTest
Can I guess your age? You are a teenager! › Take goTest
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› Which friends character are you? Are you more like Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel or Phoebe? Take
the test and you will know!
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