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Will your model get deleted one day? There isn't a high chance of you getting deleted, but you might wanna read the rules to make sure you know what you can and can't do lol › Take goTest
Who's your Moderator Enemy? Aeneid › Take goTest
how good are your math skills?<3 Your math Skills are Perfect <3 › Take goTest
Did you know who sing the Song? Could be Better Honey <3 › Take goTest
Should you quit your job? You should quit. Get out there, do something else. There's alot of other opportunities out there to make money. Alot of them don't require education nor a lot of effort lol. Hustle where you can baby › Take goTest
are u an ipad kid? congrats! whoever raised u must have done something right cause ur not an ipad kid, and that's a win!! › Take goTest
What type of partner belongs to you Your future partner is someone who has their life together. Probably a millenial. I hope you like advocado. › Take goTest
are we a a like? we are a little a like, so i like you › Take goTest
Flop or slay era You’re neither in your flop OR slay era. You’re just… there. And I respect that. › Take goTest
goTests created by Komplisert
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› Could you manage my cat? This is a test to see if you can manage my cat! Are you up for the
adoption? He is a scottish fold, picture of him in my profile. Take the
› Take goTest