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Would I date you? idc so yes › Take goTest
How a like are we? (Naomi 100) You and I are like ONE ! A little about me: I live with my boyfriend, i do Crossfit on a daily basis and i love my cat, Lilo (Picture of her in my GoBlog if you wanna see the cutie). Add me as a friend and let me know your result! › Take goTest
are you a walking red flag? you're a walking red flag, you're oozing toxicity pls fix up. › Take goTest
Can I Guess Your Age? You are definitely over the age of 18! You probably never had a phone until you turned 10, but when you did, you bought a Britney Spears song to put as your ringtone! › Take goTest
am i scared of you? you are very intimidating, i would be wary of breathing a bit too loudly at your direction › Take goTest
How Danish are you? You are a true Dane! You know everything about Denmark and the people living there! › Take goTest
How similar are we? We have some similarities but we're not quite the same. › Take goTest
How addicted are you with gsm? You're for sure not that addict to gsm. You like playing gsm, but you can stop when every you need to stop. You having the right amount of fun on gsm. Not to much but not to less either. › Take goTest
IQ test i'm thrilled to inform you that you qualify for genius IQ good job love. x somewhere between 220-250 › Take goTest
Finish the lyrics You love songs › Take goTest
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