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Discover your Katy Perry Match goTest

The Katy Perry song that matches your personality is... Firework

Be bold and shine brightly with a special goCode [it's in the lyrics] you've unlocked with this result

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HOW FINNISH ARE YOU!!!!!!! You are a true finn!!!!!! awesome congrats › Take goTest
Are you a Rori or a Camzilla?

OMG! You are totally a fashionista like Rori. I bet you have a giant wardrobe collection and care about collecting rare, special items too. 

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Finish the lyrics You know your music baby! Send me some of your favorite songs <3 › Take goTest
Can i guess which country you are from? Sweden › Take goTest
Do I think you are annoying? u annoy me sry › Take goTest
Which 'Pretty Little Liar' Are You? You are Hanna Marin! › Take goTest
Are you a gSm expert? Congratulations! You are an expert and know all the little details about goSupermodel. › Take goTest
Can I Guess Your Age? You are definitely under the age of 18! You have probably never heard of Avril Lavigne or know that VHS were movies in a box! › Take goTest
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› Summer or winter person? Are you a summer or winter person? Let me take a guess! › Take goTest