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had a mental breakdown and deleted everyone sorry | Ennyone <3
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would you be a better CEO than rikke? you would be better. congrats! › Take goTest
Back to School: What type of student are you? You're a Rebel! You tend to do things your own way and aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Your choices are often driven by your own beliefs and values, rather than what everyone else is doing. Your creativity and passion are truly admirable! › Take goTest
which gsm scandal are you you're the REAL scammer dress...the gopack gemneck i mean.... › Take goTest
Are you like Lokahh? We are so alike!!<3 TWINNNN %  › Take goTest
Which Winx Club character are you? You are Tecna. Your essence embodies Tecna's logic. Your analytical thinking and innovative problem solving set you apart as a strategic thinker. › Take goTest
What gsm-clothing item are u? › Take goTest
What kind of cat are you? RED CAT TRAVELER Life is one big adventure! MEOW! You love to hunt everything and play with everything! Your coat is a bit covered in dust from looking for toys under the sofa, and car trips are not terrible for you! › Take goTest
Which Greek Mythology Creature Are You?

You are a Phoenix (Phoinix)! A fabulous, red-gold bird, you are reborn from the ashes after each life. Losing a battle? You can ignite yourself and your foe, no problem! Brave and caring, sometimes you can be a little too trusting… remember to trust your own feelings, too! 

› Take goTest
Are u nasty??? You are normal :)))! yayyy love that › Take goTest
Are you ready for an adventure? *Comfortable camper* You know what you need and how to prepare for the camp. However, you are not shy about using shortcuts or everyday conveniences. Fasten your seat belt and let's go on a journey! You are ready for a pleasant camp. › Take goTest
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