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Discover your Katy Perry Match goTest

The Katy Perry song that matches your personality is... Hot 'N Cold


Almost fifteen years later, this song is still a vibe. You are edgy and bold, and we love you for it. 

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Let me guess how many sex partners you’ve had You’re a virgin › Take goTest
Will your model get deleted one day? you getting deleted is inevitable. gl <3 › Take goTest
Do I think you are annoying? u annoy me sry › Take goTest
Smash or pass - picky eater edition Unfortunately or fortunately, you decide, you’re a picky eater :o › Take goTest
What kind of dog are you? Poodle! You know your worth and won't let anyone step on your toes. You're also fashionable! Keep going queen <3 › Take goTest
Who's your fashion twin? JLo! If there's anyone aside from Jennifer Lopez who's got a real sense of style, it's you. This glam girl loves looking like a million bucks. You both may share expensive tastes, but you definitely know what looks good! › Take goTest
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