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Who would be your BFF: Julia, Alex or Nelly?

You're most compatible with the troublemaker, Alex. Alex is a firm believer of individuality being key and loves to push boundaries. Nothing beats her love for her animals tho. You both should rock out sometime 

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are you like chrysalism congratz bestie!!! you are exactly like the one and only chrysalism!! › Take goTest
Do You Know KPOP? 10/10 - u ride the kpop wave for a while now and know stuff › Take goTest
Do you vibe with Lizz304? YOU'RE LITERALLY ME! GO SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST AND TEXT ME EVERYDAY!!!! i already love you xx › Take goTest
SM, YG or JYP? YG Entertainment! - you'll never leave this building, debut after ten years of training and comeback every two years if you are lucky › Take goTest
Let me guess your zodiac sign pt. 2 You are defiantly an earth sign! You must be Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. You tend to be stable, grounded, and practical. › Take goTest
Can I guess your age? You are somewhere between 14-17 › Take goTest
Are you like me (puukkojuhla)? You're me! I'm sorry :( We'll be alright. Hopefully. Eventually. In the meantime I am sending you some love <33 › Take goTest
Pick the best title track from MALE kpop groups Your taste is impeccable, yaass queen › Take goTest
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