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It’s time to choose your team...

You have been chosen on Team Witch! Join the coven, make yourself comfortable and practice the most wonderful spells

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What fantasy creature are you? You are a VAMPIRE! A creature of shadows and a lover of blood, blood, and solitude ;) You appreciate your own time! › Take goTest
What kind of dog are you? Comfortable dog You like comfort, tasty food and fun. You enjoy your walks, but you'd love to spend time at home. Balance is the most important! › Take goTest
Who are your goFocusser twins? Wow, you have the most in common with Anax, Tezz, Enyera, Nady, Trilogy, Aleriy & Frida! Just like these goFocussers you have a myriad of favorites that bring you joy. But what truly unites you is your helpful, hard-working (and chaotic) mentality › Take goTest
are you like chrysalism congratz bestie!!! you are exactly like the one and only chrysalism!! › Take goTest
Do You Know KPOP? 10/10 - u ride the kpop wave for a while now and know stuff › Take goTest
Do you vibe with Lizz304? YOU'RE LITERALLY ME! GO SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST AND TEXT ME EVERYDAY!!!! i already love you xx › Take goTest
SM, YG or JYP? YG Entertainment! - you'll never leave this building, debut after ten years of training and comeback every two years if you are lucky › Take goTest
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